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You know that feeling…. that feeling of your heart splitting into what feels like a million pieces. And it doesn’t happen fast, it starts off with just a slow rip, but than the splitting gets deeper and deeper into your chest. Trying to stop it or not think about it? No, that’s impossible. It’ll slowly eat at you, only to take bigger bites when you’re least expecting it to. There’s no salvation for you. The dark tunnel doesn’t have an end. There’s no dawn coming to wake you from the nightmare you live. So what do we do. Cling to the hope that someday it will fade away? Maybe. For some that’s enough, for some, it’s too deep down. Engrained into our soul. What is our purpose. To bear the burdens of others. A fate we cannot escape. An inevitable death. Worse than that of a thousand knives. We pretend as though we’re like everyone else. That we can have the illusion of happiness. But we know better. We will never be like them. So we die, carrying the souls of everyone around us. No party, no goodbye, just a slow walk down a dry empty road. That’s you’re story. You won’t remembered, they won’t even realize they forgot you. Your shadow isn’t even enough to make them look back. That’s the end. Don’t expect more. Or you’re just as disillusioned as they are. Throwing your burdens around, making us pick up the pieces. If you are them, you’ve already forgotten us…. barely a blur now… fading…



When you’re watching a new episode of your favorite show and someone tries to get you to do something:


That is so accurate that’s it’s scary.

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Some days I wish that I could disappear completely. Leave this place and never come back.

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W.F. Laurence Fine Flowers shop is long gone, but the sweet vintage neon sign remains. (Note: S&H Green Stamps!!! #oldschool) by mollyblock on Flickr.